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Best Online Slots To Win: Top 5 Selected Games

6 October 2019
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Online slots are a lot of fun, but the real fun stems from the possibility of winning a large sum from a small stake. In this guide to the best online slots to win, find out which online slots games offer the best chances to win real money. Also, find out what strategies could make you a winner the next time you play online slots.

Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a guaranteed winning strategy in online slots. Remember that results are random and please gamble responsibly.

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Best strategies for winning at online slots

Some people think that there is no such thing as a strategy for the best online slots to win real money. And while they are right in that slots have random outcomes, there are still strategies to employ. These strategies can help maximize any player’s chances to win at online slots.

Manage your bankroll

Perhaps the most important tip for any form of wagering. Managing your bankroll can help you keep your money for enough time to win. At the very least, good bankroll management will keep you playing for as long as possible. That will stretch your entertainment dollar further, which is always a good strategy.

Find good bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are what really increase the potential winnings at the best online slots to win real money. Finding games that offer potentially lucrative bonus rounds and managing your bankroll in those games can be the key to enjoying a profitable slots experience.

How is RTP calculated?

Slots games have a predetermined rate of return that players can expect to see over a long period of time. Even the best online slots to win real money have that rate pre-determined. That rate is known as the Return To Player, or RTP for short. Of course, the higher the RTP, the more money players can expect to see as a return on investment when playing online slots.

This value is determined ahead of time by an online slots site. Its calculation is straightforward, but so important to understand. Let’s say, hypothetically, that an online slots game has an RTP of 80%. That means that on average, for every $100 wagered on that game players will get $80 of it back. It should be noted that not every $100 wagered will result in a return of $80. That is an average across a much larger sample size. However, having a general expectation should be a good thing to consider when evaluating online slots sites.

Combining strong bankroll management principles and knowledge of RTP rates can help maximize a player’s chance to win. At the very least, those things will extend the amount of time you can play slots with your budget and can give you an avenue to inexpensive entertainment.

best online slots to win

Top 5 online slots to win real money


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Pharaoh’s Secrets VideoSlots
Pink Panter VideoSlots
The Mummy VideoSlots
The Avengers VideoSlots
Mega Moolah VideoSlots

5. Pharaoh’s Secret

A five-reel game with up to 20 pay lines, Pharaoh’s Secret is a game that features a low variance and some bonus features that make it one of the best online slots to win real money. An Xtra Win feature increases the value of wilds and scatters that can open up bonus levels. That setting increases the cost per spin, but also increases the amounts that players can win on those spins. Of course, this game can be outside of the bankroll management strategies for some players based on that Xtra Win spin cost increase. But if it is within your range, it could be a big winner.

4. Pink Panther

What is great about the Pink Panther slots game is the fact that it can award bonuses for no reason whatsoever. The game randomly awards bonuses to its players after the completion of spins. These are in addition to the wins that can be earned by the spins themselves. But having games that can give out bonuses in that way adds a ton of value to the game. When it comes to slots games that you can win real money on, this greatly increases the odds.

3. The Mummy

With an above average RTP rate and plenty of bonuses to be had, The Mummy has a solid hold on being one of the best online slots games. The pay lines are plentiful, with a number of different configurations that can result in wins. It is another low-variance game, which means that the top win amounts are lower than its high-variance counterparts. However, the expected win rate is higher on a low-variance slot game as the low-variance games tend to be less turbulent as a whole.

2. The Avengers

Pop-culture themed online slots tend to be pretty hit or miss. They are higher variance games but at the same time they offer the chance for larger payouts. The Avengers does this with a massive jackpot that exceeds what most slots games can offer. Generally speaking, this game can be more volatile than the low-variance games mentioned above. But if you manage to win a huge payday when playing The Avengers, you will not be bemoaning the variance. Keep in mind, though, that players should still use sound bankroll management principles when playing The Avengers or any other higher variance game.

1. Mega Moolah

A very high-variance progressive slots game, Mega Moolah is worth the risk with a jackpot that can change the life of its winner. Mega Moolah vows that the winner of its top progressive payout will become a millionaire for doing so. Even though the likelihood of winning this massive prize is small, again, managing your bankroll will give you enough chances to have fun while playing. Slots are fun because of the outside possibility of the big win.

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Best Online Slots To Win: Top 5 Selected Games
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